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My Former Life…

Back when my DH and I were young (in our late 20’s and early 30’s) we attended church with an awesome group of people.  There was a bond that was formed in our Sunday School Class, Worship, Prayer Meetings on Sunday and Sunday Nights, Choir Practices, and Wednesday Night Services that formed that “Circle that cannot be Broken”.

We got together this past weekend and picked up right where we left off.  Oh we may be older (a little more gray and a little heavier) but it was just like we had seen each other the Wednesday before. 

Love this group of people and I think we all realized that we had something special in our lives that would probably not be able to be re-created.  We are now scattered across the metroplex in various churches still carrying on the things we were taught by our beloved Pastor V. E. Tipton.  How greatly he impacted our lives for the glory of God.

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Welded-Cricut Design Studio – Video #2

Diane at Capadia Designs has an excellent video on her blog giving a tutorial on how to weld.  In the video she also gives a couple of excellent tips on the use of DS (Design Studio).  Diane’s link is on my sidebar under “Blog Roll”. So, check her blogspot out and watch her video.

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Paperwishes Prize Package…

Paper Wishes launched their new message board and had a random drawing for those who registered and logged on during a certain time period.

I was one of those lucky winners and I received the prize box today.  Check it out it is their new Cards & More with Dazzles book  and 16 packages of the Dazzles (8 silver, 8 gold) that goes along with the book.

PW Prize


I have always enjoyed Paper Wishes website, webisodes and supplies.  Thanks Paper Wishes what a great MB and a great prize.  I can’t wait to make some of the cards.

I’m one lucky lady today!

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May Your Day Bubble Over …

This card was designed for what is known as a MCPT (magic color pencil technique) Challenge on the Cricut Message Board (CMB) .  You can go onto YouTube and key in MCPT and see several videos of how to do this technique.  I borrowed the acetate circles for bubbles from a friend of mine whose name is Sonshine on the Paperwishes Message Board (PWMB).  Thanks Sonshine, I think your creativity made this design awesome!

img_2063So let’s get started:

Changito Monkey stamp

Card Size = 5-1/2 x 5

Card Stock (CS) = Stampin-Up Rich Regal – Yellow; Green; Pink; Black; White

Adhesive =  Pro Glide Permanent tape; E6000; Art Glitter Adhesive.  (Tip -you need a glue that will adhere acetate to card stock.  I used E6000 to begin with but discovered Art Glitter Adhesive worked great. (www.artglitter.com).

Ink = ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink – Olive Pastel

Paper = Pattern Paper Making Memories – Garden Party; Vellum – white.

Paperwishes – Easy Stitches Template #HotP7328

Embellishments = Rain Dots – Cloud 9; Acetate – recyled from various packages; Stampendous – Blue Ultrafine glitter; Stickles – Star Dust; Ranger – Glossy Accents; Sakura Pen – Clear Star;  Flowers- rub ons; Jewels – $1 bin M’s; Circut E with George Cart and Mini Monograms using Design Studio.

MCPT Coloring = Prisma color pencils and odorless mineral spirits.

I used the Circut E and Design Studio to make a cut file for the bubblewand, jar of bubbles, frame of rings (inside the card), scalloped medallions and the acetate circles.  The following are the dimensions:

George Cart.:  

Bubblewand (Pink CS)-  4 circles: [email protected] 2.164″ and [email protected] 1.8″  placed inside the 2.164″ circle. Next  [email protected] 1.62″ and [email protected] placed inside the 1.62″ circle. This creates the cut outs for the bubblewand. Weld them to a rectangle that measures .37″ w x 1.785 h.  Cut the bubblewand three times.  Once glued together (with the vellum and acetate) this will make what is called a “shaker”.

Acetate:  Bubblewand – Cut 1 circle at 2.164″ and 2 circles at 1.62″.  Various sizes of acetate circles – 3.65″, 1.912″; 1.612″; 1.497″; .987.  (Tip) I used the multiple cut (4)  feature on the Cricut and set the depth to 6 using the regular housing, speed set at low, pressure high.  Use a very tacky mat.

Vellum-cut circle that measures 2.164″ around the words “May your day bubble over with fun”.

Jar of Bubbles (Green CS) – 1 rounded rectangle at 1.393w x 1″h welded to 1 rounded rectangle at 1.897w x 3.788h welded together.

Frame Rings for inside of card (Pink CS)- 1 circle @ 3.65″ with 1 circle @ 3.25 placed inside the 3.65″ ring to create the frame.

Mini-Monogram Cart:

Scallops : 2 @4.45″ (1 from Pattern Paper adhered to 1 cut out of white CS)  and 1 at 4.85″ (Green CS).


Generate words “Bubbles” and “Let’s go Play!” in Rave (free font) on blue  CS. ” May your day bubble over with fun” is a stamp that I scanned into the computer then printed out on vellum.  You could also hand write it and get the same affect.  (Tip – practice in pencil, then once you have it like you want it go over it with black ink.  Let the ink dry and erase the pencil with a white eraser).

General Instructions:

  • Make the card out of yellow card stock and ink the edges.  Cut pattern paper to 2″ x 51/4″ adhere to card stock. Ink bottle and adhere it over the pattern paper.  Print the words Bubbles and Let’s go Play! on blue CS and cut “Bubbles” at 1-15/16″ x 1-1/2″ ink edges and adhere to card.  Cut “Let’s go Play” at 1-15/16″ x 1-7/8″ ink and adhere to card.  I used Paperwishes stitch template to  draw stitches around the labels and to make the ridges on the cap.  Take a small strip of black card stock (CS) and adhere to the bottle at the base of the lid.
  • Bubblewand: Take cut (#1) of the bubblewand and adhere the vellum on the back of the end with the large circle .  Adhere a small circle of acetate on the back of the small end of bubblewand (#1).   Take cut (#2) of the bubblewand and adhere it to the front of bubblewand #1.  Take cut (#3) of the bubblewand and adhere acetate to both large and small circle on the back of  bubblewand cut (#3).
  • Glue bubblewand #3 to bubblewand #1/#2 all the way around except for a small gap on each end (see photo). 
  • Shakers
  • Make a small funnel out of paper and slipped it in the gaps so you can put glitter into the shaker.  (Tip – Be careful here and don’t put too much glitter; less is more).  What you are seeing is the funnels in between the layers (#1/#2 and #3) of the bubblewand cuts.  Let the glue dry before you add the glitter.
  • Once the glitter is in, seal the gaps so the glitter does not leak out.  I used a tooth pick to finish gluing the gaps.
  • Place the bubblewand on the front of the card and place three of the various sizes of acetate circles on the front of the card using glue dots.  (Tip – you can sand the acteate to make it have a scuffed look also.) I then used stickles to cover the glue dots on the acetate circles and scattered rain dots around the card.
  • img_2065Color the stamp image and use glossy accents on the large bubble and rain dots on the other bubbles.  Add Stickles with a little of the blue glitter to the large bubble after it dries. Placed flower rub-ons and doddled the birds and butterfly.  I added the jewel to the girl monkey’s navel and added additional eyelashes.
  • Ink the scolloped medallions and adhered to the card.  Ink the edges of the two ring frames and adhered large acetate circle to the smaller ring frame and then adhered the small ring frame to the larger ring frame.  Adhered over the stamped image.
  • Take the Sakura Pen – Clear Star and outline the various elements on the front and inside of the card.

If you don’t have Circut E or Design Studio you can use punches, die cuts and even a real bubblewand to achieve the same affects. 

Enjoy and remember:  The content of my blog is COPYRIGHT © Sherri Benson. Original work is shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment only and may not be used for publication, submissions, or design contests. Please do not represent my work as your own or use it to make items for sale. Please do not make copies of the lessons I share they need to visit my website to obtain these items directly.

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Almost Finished…….

Back to my bubble wand, now that my garden is in place. I’ll be posting the final results of where the bubble wand is residing sometime today. Have you ever made a card and looked at it and said, hmmm something is missing! That is where I am on this card. But, I know if I walk away my subconcious will figure it out. So off to take a shower and see what getting my head wet will come up with.

Stay tuned….

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Shakers – Cont

Thought I would do a quick post to keep you interested.  Here is the bubble wand I’m working with and making into a shaker.

Shakers  What you can’t see is the acetate in both ends of the wand.  What you do see is a tiny paper funnel on the large end between the vellum (with writing on it ) and the acetate.  The small end just has a slip of paper stuck in there for now.

Unfortuantely, my glue stick didn’t glue the acetate to the card stock. So it is off to Micheals or Hobby Lobby or Joann’s for some glue that will stick.

I’ll be back later to show you more of what is going on, but this is really been interesting and ..oh yea, a lot of fun.

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Shakers and I don’t mean Salt/Pepper

Today, I ventured into a technique that I haven’t tried before.  It is called shakers.  This is where you make an embellishment (i.e. a frame) and there is enough space between the back and front of the frame to put something in it, say glitter or microbeads.

I’m in the process of making a bubble wand for an MCPT (magic color pencil technique)  card challenge.  I’ll post the card when I’ve finished it.  I’ve cut the wand out (via Cricut using the George Cart) three times with a piece of vellum on the back of  wand #1, nothing on wand #2 (the middle one creates the space) and a piece of  acetate on the back of wand #3.  The challenged came in gluing all three pieces together and leaving a space to be able to put in some glitter.  I don’t think I have the right glue to glue acetate to cardstock. 

I’ve made a small paper funnel and slipped it through an area that won’t be glued until the glitter is put in the shaker.  I’ve used a glue stick to see if it will glue the acetate.  I’m stopping for the evening and we’ll see if this does what I’m hoping it will do.  I also used flour on this project, now wouldn’t you like to know where that comes into play?

To be continued…………….

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I’ve been asked by several friends why I didn’t have a spot where I could put the various things I’ve done and share them. I decided I would try my hand at that and my son-in-law set me up with Talent is Optional.  I don’t know how much is talent, how much is giftings, or how much is just hard work. I do know I’m having a blast and excited about trying new things and sharing them.   So below is my first thoughts published on my brand new site.  Let me know what you think and thank you for coming and sharing my life and times.

Oh how things have changed!

I needed a TV for my craft studio and have been watching the newspaper for pricing.  I also have been doing a little investigating at my local Walmart and I’ve discovered they basically don’t make the same kind of TV that went on the blink.  Bummer, that TV is what I use to do Dance Dance Revolution.  I think I still have that Playstation 2 somewhere.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and off  DH and I went to see what Target had to offer.  We found a nice 15″ flat screen.  Of course the size of my flat screen is nothing compared to his 60″ monster.  That’s ok, I like the petite size.  We were walking through Target to make a quick dash by the frozen food section to grab Archer Farms’ Apple Blossoms (another story for another time) when DH says “Isn’t this different, we are carrying a TV through the store about the size of a small suit case, using one hand”.

Progress who would have thought!