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Red White & Blue

I found this post on Skye’s blog and thought I would give it a try.  It is her Patriotic Wreath Project.

 She has step by step instructions and pictures to guide you along the way.






The hard part about this is cutting out all the 2″ squares.

You have 4 sheets of blue, 6 sheets of red and 6 sheets of white.  You will need a lot of straight pin and I will tell you from experience you just need to buy a box of cheap flat head pins.

My first wreath was a green Styrofoam wreath and the second wreath I bought was white….it doesn’t matter.

You need to separate the white and red out into 5 rows of white and 4 rows of red.  


I cut the stars out on my Silhouette Cameo about 1.75″ and used wire and wrapped that around a pencil to get the look that I wanted.

I folded the 2″ squares in half (diagonal corner to diagonal corner) then in half again.  Take the pin stick it in the point of the folded felt and push it in the Styrofoam.


Love the look and it is full.  I didn’t take the rings all the way around so it would have a flat back to sit against the door.

This was Daughter #1’s B-day gift.  Now, I’m going to make Daughter #2’s B-day gift and then I’ll make me one.  Whew, that is a lot of cutting.  The total cost is around $15.00.

This is a great wreath, you can hang it out in May for Memorial Day and carry it through July 4th for Independence Day.





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Metal Art

Last weekend was Dallas Flee and my beautiful daughters and I went to check it out.


It was mostly vintage items and then I stumbled across a vendor that had something I wanted! Note I didn’t say need, I wanted.  

This is a huge metal sculpted flower.



This is it’s temporary home.  I’ve got a lot of decorating to do in this little bird sanctuary.


I have all kinds of ideas floating in my head about this metal flower.  I can curl the petals to make them more pronounce, I could heat the metal to make it change colors and I need to find the perfect item to hang it on to get the exact height.


Just saying, there is a lot to be done and now with this little extra nook to decorate I’m so excited. So we are headed to Austin for a girls weekend and another show!


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Stain & Seal X 2

Here is a picture after it was re-done but before it was stained and sealed.

You are suppose to wait for 30 days before you seal the deck and waterproof it.





We bought Olympic 2-in-1 stain and seal (Lowe’s) and proceeded to put it on the deck.  We chose the semi-transparent Redwood Natural.






What a difference, it took 2 coats and about 4 hours to complete the process.  This is a great compliment to the color of our bricks and the hot tub (redwood stain color).






With the rust color cushions and umbrella it completes the “Tuscan” feel of the deck.  The variation in color on the deck is due to the old support wood had weathered.


See the “little house” in the back ground………yep, that is another project.




Here is how you know you did a good job, water beads-up!



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Clematis Oh My!

I just have to show you this Clematis Vine.  Now it has not bloomed yet but it is well on it’s way.


Back when we had our deck re-done (1 month ago), I had to cut this vine down to the ground.




So, I bought this concave trellis so it would have something to climb up.


If you look at the bottom you can already see that the plant is growing fast.




Here it is one month later and full of blooms.  I love this plant, because it grows and blooms in the heat of the Texas sun!



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Jackmanni Clematis – Can’t wait to see it bloom!

When the deck was re-done I had to cut my Clematis down, but to my surprise it is coming back very strong.  I know I need to repaint the fire hydrant but that too is another time.


I found the nifty rain gauge when I was at Canton recently and ye that trellis is curved and the Columbine Vine will grow beautifully on it.



I post another picture as it gets up really big and starts blooming.  This was what it looked like before I had to cut it back, can’t wait until it starts producing the flowers.

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Some Additional Items To Finish it Up.

When you are off on vacation you can do so much and get so much accomplished.  So, usually started my day with a cup of coffee, my awesome hounds tooth speakers (thank you Daughter #2) and some favorite tunes.






Proper tools will make any job easier.







The object that needs to be refreshed.  Sun does a lot of damage and the top is in horrible shape too.







The steps have been a good investment to go along with the hot tub but they need to be refreshed also.






It is great when it is all done and yes we got a new top to finish it off.

The next thing will be to stain the deck after it has cured for 30 days.


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Additional Things That Got Done!

Now as you look back from the sanctuary to the deck it’s taking shape too!






New cushions for the old furniture makes it look new!


See the curtain in the back ground that is a painter’s drop cloth.





Since we don’t have a private fence the curtain keeps it private from people going up and down the alley.



I cut the drop cloth down and it is hung using curtain rings from Ikea!  They worked perfectly.


Finished up the deck decor with some new plants.  My favorite herbs, basil, oregano, and some thyme.





As you can see one of the seats on the deck is the perfect one to sip morning coffee and watch the birds.

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Bird Sanctuary – Progress

Edging looking good, tiller to the rescue!

Well, I had a great week for a vacation.  The weather was great and I did exactly what I wanted to do each day.  

So, I started out with an area that needed a lot of tender loving care.







Asian Jasmine - great for shade!

Several trips later to my local Lowe’s produced plants, sandstone for stepping stones and sweat things started coming together.







Spacing the plants out so they will have room to grow and getting an idea how things are going to start working together.






It is beginning to shape up, the Boston Ferns were only $7.50 @ Lowe’s.


I still need to paint the bench and recover the pillows but that will have to wait just a little.


Pretty nice change from the first picture don’t you think?

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Projects, Projects, Projects

Looking back @ deck

Miracles never cease!  I’m headed for a week of vacation and this is one of those where we stay home and we get stuff done that I’ve wanted done (with or without the help of DH).

We have a Bradford Pear that  the shade is so thick that nothing will grow under it.  I’ve decided it is a perfect place to create a little bird sanctuary.

As you can see the deck is a perfect place to sit and watch the birds feed.




Steel Edging out the design!

Dear Husband (DH) has had a “honey do” now for two years and I finally set the ultimatum.  Get rid of the basket ball pole with the huge concrete ball on it.  I need it out of the way to start the process of turning this area into the bird sanctuary.  I started by going to the local hardware store and purchasing some steel edging. 

This will be some stepping stones (I already have) and ground cover.





Edging looking good, tiller to the rescue!

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, and I’ll show you some after pictures as I go along.  I installed the edging and now I’m going to use my little 9″ tiller to break it up while it is soft.

That was the other thing that DH did, he got the tiller to working again.  So proud of him, so proud!   Now I can do the front flower beds too.





Sounds silly, but I am so looking forward to this week.  Then I get to top it off with a trip to Canton, I’m making a list of what I want and I know BFF is doing the same!

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Got ‘Er Done – Another Project Off the List!

I’m so excited, this has needed to be done for so long.  It took two days but the deck is done.

We have to wait for 30 days for the pressure treated lumber to cure.  Then we’ll (or should I say probably me) will stain and seal the deck.  We are going to use an oil base stain and seal so it last a long time.

The original deck used 1 x 6’s lumber and they were nailed down.  It was built over 15 years ago, and we really can’t complain; however over time the boards started to curl up and the nails started popping out.  The boards started rotting and then I was always getting a splinter in my foot.  Then ever so often I would take a step and feel the boards give.

The new deck is made out of 2 x 6’s and they are screwed down.  Also, all of the rough edges have been sanded.  Now I don’t have to worry about the Grand Kids playing on the deck.  Can’t wait to decorate it and sit out on the deck, relax with a cup of coffee and watch the birds in the bird sanctuary.  What you didn’t know I had a bird sanctuary?  It’s another project on my list.