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May 10, 2009 - Cards, Family & Friends    2 Comments

My Mother…

Knockout Rose Bouquet

Here is a bouquet of the first roses off of my Knockout Rose Bush that I planted this Spring.  Thought this was a very fitting and beautiful picture for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and as they say, don’t you wish we had smell-a-vision!




Mother's-80th-b-day.jpgSo here we are, three generations honoring my Mother on her 80th Birthday back in September, 2008.  Mom’s in the chair, her name is Mauedina but she goes by Dena.  On the left going to the right,  is my #1 daughter (meaning the oldest), Brandy, then Amber is my second daughter and youngest, and then me.

Not long ago, I decided to see if I could get my Mother interested in card making.  I talked to her about it and told her if she was interested in trying a new hobby I would be glad to share some of my stash.  Mother loves to work in her yard,  flowerbeds, she is an avid reader and she loves to crochet.

Mother was definitely interested and so I went through every thing I had and shared with her all the items I had duplicates of or items I didn’t use anymore since I got my Cricut E.  She was a little timid at first but I kept encouraging her and ever so often we would have a day where we would get together and work on a technique. She has made several cards and is doing an outstanding job.

My Mother has crocheted since she was 16 years old.  She said they couldn’t afford thread back then so she would take flour sacks and unravel them and take the threads and roll them in a ball.  She certainly has an appreciation for the balls of thread she can get today in all colors and sizes.   When you look at her work every stitch is perfect, beautiful and a masterpiece.


img_2176.jpgThis is one of her first cards and she made one for both my daughters and me.  Looks a lot better than my first card.  She loves being able to mix her love for crochet with her new found hobby “card making”.  She is working on a cute crochet pin cushion for my stick pins.   I’m also encouraging her to make some crochet flowers, who knows maybe she’ll be able to sell some of them and earn a little extra money for her new hobby.  As soon as we have a completed project I’ll post it. 

I’m so fortunate to have my Mother in my life.  She is healthy, very sharp and always trying to improve her self.  Thanks Mom, for being so supportive and a good friend.  I want you to know I love you very much!

Happy Mother’s Day!