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Loop-de-Loo Now Up and Running


Good morning, I wanted to do a little plug for my #1 daughter’s new website, Loop-de-Loo (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6005587).    She is a very talented lady and has some very cute and unique items.  This is the beginning post and she will be adding things to  it so be sure and keep checking back.

I personally love the black and white bracelet and I can tell you those hair accessories are even more beautiful when you see them in person.  She is always on the look out for new items to add interest and make things unique.  She also does things in custom colors all you have to do is ask.  I’ve added her to my blog roll and you guest it she is being added to the list to receive a blog award.

Be sure to hop over and take a look and leave her a comment.

A Craft That Gives Back

Blue LillyThis is a blue lilly that is just beginning to bloom in my flower bed.  It was a difficult picture to take because the wind was blowing so hard.  So it is just a little fuzzy.

I didn’t have a picture to go along with this post, but thought I would share the talent of an awesome God.  The word says there is not a king that is arrayed with more splendor than the lillies of the field.  To recall the words of the song “Consider the Lillies”, He is not too busy to care about you.

My #1 Daughter’s work had an event where they made cards of encouragement for children that are seriously ill.  Their goal was to make 144 cards to be sent to a Children’s Hospital in NY.  I was invited and between her and my supplies we were able to deck out their conference room with paper, stickers, ink pads, bling, stamps, children’s joke and pages to color.

You know when you get right down to it, it really doesn’t take much to make a card.  The talent in the room flowed from the very simple to the elaborate.  I kept chuckling to myself as I heard the women agonize over how to make a beautiful card and was surprised when the men put three of every sticker available on a single card.

In the end, time was spent sharing a talent or gift that God gave to each of us for those who are going through a hard time.  I’m sure some prayers were being said over those cards as they were being made. Those cards will be the wings that the prays fly on to some children that need some laughs or encouragement.

Thank you Brandy for the opportunity to give back to others.  I left richly blessed.

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3-D Sunflower Part 3 of 3

So here we are with the outside completed.  If your petals are sticking out and up more than you want,  justSide view add a few glue dots to hold the petals down and in place.

The second olive green mat with the oval is for the inside of the card.  You’ll need to cut it down to 4.75″.  Using the Cuttlebug and the Happy Birthday folder emboss the mat and set it aside after the edges have been inked.

Tip:  This mat will be bigger than the A2 folder.  I matched the A2 folder to the side that didn’t get embossed and held it in place with repositionable tape, ran just that side through the CB.  I should have taken a picture of that step but didn’t think about it at the time.  Just be very observant on where the A2 folder ends on the mat and line it up when you go to emboss the rest of the mat.

Inside Mat - Embossed

Here is the inside mat after it has been embossed. 

There is a website called Wordle.net.  This website is free and it lets you create “Beautiful Word Clouds”.  If you want a word to show up larger than the rest of the words (i.e. Amber), you enter that word in your list more than one time.

So I put in a list of words that I felt described her.  Once the “cloud” is made, you can use their format  options to change colors and fonts and how the words appear in the cloud.

Once I got it to where it complimented the colors of the card I printed it off on colored cs. I moved the oval around the “word cloud” until I found the best postion that captured the words I wanted diplayed and cut it down to fit the mat.  I stitched the finished mat to the inside of the card. 

Tip:  It would have been better to stitch the mat to another mat and then apply to the inside of the card, that way your stitching would not show on the back.  Since, I didn’t think of that before hand, I glued a mustard mat (5″ x 5″) to the back of the card and covered up the stitching.  This may seem like it would make the card heavy but it actually helped support the bulkiness of the flower.

Decorated Pins

Added a small bow so I could tuck  a couple of bead encrusted pens to finish off the inside.

Tip:  Because I couldn’t get all the words I used in the “word cloud”  inside the oval, I printed them off on vellum and glued them to the left side of the card.  That way when she opened it up she could see all the words that was used to describe her.


I created an envelope using Paper Wishes Pastel Vellum Papers.  I used the pastel orange and then wrote her name and embellished it with a cute bubble bee and some rain dots.

The vellum envelope allows you to see the Sunflower and mutes the colors. 

Wow, this is a long tutorial for one card.  I have learned that the more detail you do to a card the more instructions it requires.  I’m sure I missed something or accidently left something out.  So if you try to make this card and have a question, please be sure and let me know if I’ve left something out or it is not clear.  I’ll be more than happy to update anything I left out or need to make clearer.

Thanks again for stopping by and let me know what you think.  I hope I showed you something new or provided you a tip that makes it a little easier.

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3-D Sunflower Part 2 of 3

Leaves turned to petalsHi everyone!  I apologize for the delay in the continuation of this card, I had several things come up that I had to take care of and by the end of the day I was too tired to add to this tutorial.

I also updated the first post, you will need to cut 24 to 25 petals not 12.   I also updated the information to reflect that all edges, on all pieces have been inked using Creamy Brown and added ribbon, pin, and brown CS information.

Let’s pick up where we left off.  This picture shows one row of leaves with the stems cut off to form the petals and one row of leaves with the stems still on.  Take a close look at the petals; the top of the petals are turned slightly to the right and on the bottom row the top of the leaves are turned slightly to the left.  This is important as you start to layer the petals that some go to the left and some go to the right.


The petals are colored using the MCPT technique, there are two groups of leaves #1 group and #2 group, and using the colors of Prisma Pencils indicated in post 1 of 3.  I followed the basic yellow in the center, darker color to the left of the petal and lighter color to the right.


Additional enhancements

I also used some perfect medium on several of the petals.

Tip:  You could take 12 of the petals and use as the base, then take 6 and dry emboss them and 4 heat embossed and 2 using perfect medium.  This would give you a different look entirely.

Petals Heat Embossed

Here is what the Jeweled Gold heat Embossed petals look like.  There are actually 4 petals that I did this way.  I colored them along with the other petals and then heat embossed over the petal.  This adds depth and color variations to the petals.


Rolling the Petals

Using a smooth pencil (the Prisma Color Pencils work well), roll the ends of the petals to make a curve.  Some petals will need a little roll and others will need a deeper roll.  I initially rolled them all the same and then as I started assemblying them rolled the petals more as I needed them.

Assembly of Petals

Start layering the petals from the front wrapping the curved ends into the inside of the front of the card.  I used repositional glue until I got the first three or four started.  As I like how they looked I went back and attached them with permanent glue.  Don’t be surprised if you get something the way you like it and then need to add a petal to the layer beneath.  Just keep arranging and layering until you go completely around the oval cut out.

Once they were all attached I cut an oval 3.09″W x 3.693″ H,  heat embossed in with Marcasite and then glued it to the back of the front of the card to cover the petals and create the center of the Sunflower.

Amber's B-Card

With the center in place I took the 3-D Scribble Paint and started filling the outer part of the center of the Sunflower with dots. 

Tip:  Start with the dark color first and then work your way up to the lighter color.  It takes less of the lighter colors to make an impact so don’t over saturate the light colors.

I added the mustard mat (5″x5″) to cover up the center on the inside of the card.  If I had planned a little better I could have probably eliminated a layer by incorporating the center with the mat, but at this point it was too late.

I’m going to stop here and we’ll finish up the tutorial with what I did to the inside of the card.  Thanks for looking and don’t forget you can click on the pictures to get a closer look.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment, I enjoy hearing from you.

Two Peas, but oh so different…

img_2107Good afternoon all!  I apologize for the late post.  I’ve been very busy with a challenge on the Cricut MB and got lost in the moment.

I have two daughters (Brandy and Amber).  When I was pregnaent with both I prayed that God would give me girls and my prayer was answered both times.  These girls are the light of my life.  I don’t know that a mother has loved two girls any more than I have.

These girls are so different, isn’t it amazing how they can be raised in the same household and come out differently.  I love them both because they are so different and equally as challenging.  They keep this Mother on her toes .

Brandy's Mother's Day Card

This is the card daughter #1 gave me.  She always seems to get those cards that make you LOL and make your thoughts go in one direction and then when you open the card and read the the punch line you realize she had you right where she wanted you.

This child works a full time job, has two children and runs her household (with an awesome SIL) like a well oiled clock.  She is truly a beautiful woman at heart and loves her little family.  Her gift to me on Mother’s Day was this website.  My SIL set it up and got me started and it is a gift that I am enjoying long after the package has been received.



This is the card that daughter #2 gave me.  There is a store here in the Dallas area called Paper Source and you can find all kinds of creative things in that store.  This is a very beautiful and simple card.  Bonus, she gave me the template for the vase.

This child has a gift for creating and along with that the eye for those unique items that just seem to work no matter what you put it with.  She is constantly on the go but seems to find time to allow herself to be creative in various mediums and elements.  She is a beautiful women with self confidence and desire to give to others.  She is a wordsmith and poet.  Her ability to paint a picture with words amazes me.


This is also one of the items from Paper Source and as soon as I get them made you will get to see them here on the website.




Gift Card

And finally, the card that keeps on giving for awhile and they wonder why I have so much stuff in my craft studio…..they keep enabling me.




The flower at the beginning of this post is a Marigold.  I love the cherriness of this flower and the dual tone in the petals.

To see a closer view of the picture just click  on the picture.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.