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Jul 12, 2009 - Craft Studio, My Garden    1 Comment

Look What I found Today

IMG_2683.JPGIt is so hot here in Texas (we are in a long string of over 100 degree days) and this is one of the native plants that just thrives in this heat.  The beloved Crete Myrtle, shown here it looks like watermelon pink, but it is actually “Bottle Rocket Red”.  This was taken outside in the bright sun light, but it looks like it was taken at night.  Love these trees that grow up with such beauty and grace and they have beautiful bark on their trunks.  My day started with cleaning out my flowerbeds and pulling out the flowers that had subcumbed to the heat.  One pleasure that I enjoy is working in the flowerbeds and playing in dirt.  I can’t explain it, it is something in my make-up that enjoys gardening.


 The rest of my day was spent with Amber (#2 daughter).  We went shopping and although I feel a little guilty for helping out the economy so much, I did find a lot of things.  There is a town near us called McKinney that has cute shops and restaurants around the square.  We found some super cute stuff and I think some pretty cool deals.


IMG_2687.JPGThis is is a large wire rack.  It looks like one of those that used to be used to display potato chips.  It is perfect to display the cards I’ve made and haven’t given away and also to display some of those cards I ‘ve received.

 It immediately found it’s new home on a blank wall I had left open for some vinyl words.  However, I’m having a difficult time finding something I want up there and this fits the bill  for now.  I’m also going to use it to display my Christmas Cards I receive at Christmas, I think it will work perfectly for that too.


 I found a couple of other things but I’ll post about them later.  Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a note.