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May 8, 2009 - Cards, Family & Friends    2 Comments

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly away home…..

I participate in the Cricut Message Board.  There have been numerous times that those ladies have lite my creative jucies and in this instance it is another case of seeing something and needing to do it.  Donna Mundinger, from the Cricut MB, did a DC Ladybug Valentine back in February.  It was so perfect for my 9 month old GD; however, I didn’t have all the carts that she used to get it made.  So I improvised a little.  Unfortunately, I think mine came out looking more like a fat fly then a ladybug.  This is Rylan’s first V-Day and her room is black/white with a splash of hot pink. 

WIMG – ladybug
Stickles – Black and pink
Charm – Blue Moon
Antenne – heart George cart then glossy accent then pink glitter, wrapped wire around skewer.
Doodles done in white pen
CB – Fancy Swirls


I hope when she gets old enough to have a love for cards, paper and ribbon that she realizes what these tokens of love mean.  She certainly makes my heart sing every time I see her and those crystal blue eyes melt your heart. 


Happy Everything, Sweetie….NaNa loves you!