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The Total Package – Happy 81st B-Day Mom!!!!!!

IMG_3025.JPGHere it is, my Mother’s 81st Birthday card and German Glass ornament.  As I’ve said before my Mother’s favorite color is blue.  So I concentrated on making sure there was plenty of it.


Melinda Ford over at “All Things Crafty & Delicious” you can check her site out by clicking on this link was the inspiration for Mom’s card.  She does some amazing stuff so be sure and hop on over.  Thanks Melinda for your inspiration.

IMG_3016.JPGI started with a simple white card and used a MS punch and CB Swiss Dot Embossing folder to give the card some texture.  I lightly inked the edges with blue and ran the “ink daubber” over the Swiss dots.




IMG_3020.JPGI cut out 1″ squares and used the CB and various embossing folders to give each square a different texture.  I used a blue card stock with a white core and sanded it to bring the embossing to life.  By the way there is a birthday cake with candles in the middle square, perfect!

I edged the squares with fine Silver German Glass and then put them up on pop-squares to add another dimension to the card.

Some very simple sheer ribbon and a couple of decked out pearl pins with a Love charm to finish it off.

IMG_3017.JPGI used Storybook cart and cut out the bracket and ran it through the CB using the Script embossing folder for the inside of the card.  You’ll see that I did the same thing to the inside of the card with the Swiss Dot folder again and the inking.

I didn’t sand this down but you could.



IMG_3019.JPGI used the Lyrical cart for the Happy B-Day and used the Cricut gel pens to write it on the bracket rather than cut it out.  I also rotated the bracket so it would be horizontal and inked the edges.

I like the gel pens because they are a finer tip (just like the regular gel pens) and if you click on the picture you can see the gel pen and the housing that fits into your Cricut.  Here is the link for the post where I talk about these pens and where to get them.


IMG_3021.JPGI dressed it up a bit by filling in the word using the gel pen and a Sakura Star Gel pen along with a little doodling.  I edge it in the fine Silver German Glass to add another dimension and to compliment the front of the front of the card.




IMG_3027.JPGI think it turned out beautiful and I know Mom is going to love it.  Unfortunately, we are having plumbing problems at Mom’s house.  So on her B-day with a lot of help from a couple of my BBF’s (Phyllis and Joel), we are going to work on a huge issue and start a little upgrade to her bathroom.

It’s not often you meet people that go out of their way to help.  I know God has allowed my path to cross theirs so I would know how it feels to have true friends.  I’m going to owe them in a big way and they are surely going to be rewarded greatly for their servant attitude.  Thanks Phyllis and Joel for all you do and help me with!!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think of both the German Glass ornament and Mom’s card!

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Mother’s Handwork…

My Mother loves to crochet and I’ve gotten her interested in making some cards.  I have been trying to get her to try her hand at crocheting some items that can be used on a card.   These are her first attempts at designing some items. 






Here she has various sizes and colors of her rose flower.  I love the 3-dimensional look she achieves with the petals.  I also told her the little pink flower would be perfect for layering together with other flowers.






These are little borders of crochet to add down or across a card.  I’m looking forward to sharing these pieces on a future card.  However, it is a little difficult to give them away since my Mother made them.  But, some lucky person will get to see just how beautiful her crochet handwork is and I pray they appreciate it as much as I do for every little stitch she has done.


There is a lot of years of experience and a lot of love that goes into each item she makes.  She told me this week she had designed another flower that she thinks is better than this one.

 Now that is what I’m talking about, getting those 80 year creative juices flowing.  Thanks Mom, for your beautiful work!

P.S.  If you are interested, I’m sure she would be glad to sale you some.  She can always use extra money for her “stash”!

Momma’s Got a Brand New Do!!!

Mom's New Hair DoMy Mother got her hair cut the other day and was so excited she ask me to take a picture.

She wanted the picture for a number of reasons, one so she could send a copy to both her brother and sister, two so she could have a picture to show her hairdresser the next time she went to get her hair cut.

After I took her picture she asked me how long it would take to get the film developed.  I then explained that the camera didn’t use film it used a SD card and how you could upload things to the computer and then download them to Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS.

I told her I could even print the picture from the computer, but to do it that way was expensive because of the ink it requires.  She was so amazed how everything had changed from what she knew and she said it was difficult for her to keep up with it.

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I think of how far and fast we have come, there is something comforting in knowing that you can get by with the simpler way of life.  That means more time for each other and stopping to enjoy the beauty that our God has given to us to enjoy.

Hats off to you Mom and your new do!  I ordered several copies and they will be mailed directly to my house.  Wow!  You don’t even have to go anywhere to get them.


Mother’s Latest Creation

Yellow Day LillyThe DayLillies in my flowerbeds are beginning to bloom.  Even after all the rain, it looks like I’m not going to loose anything.  Whew!!!!!

I love gardening, there is something about getting out and playing in the dirt that I love.  I also love the results of the hard work when they bloom.



I found a new Crochet magazine (I’m always looking for my Mother) and in it was a pin cushion.  I asked Mom if she would make it for me and before I knew it she whipped it out.

TopPin Cushion - Bottom






I have these decorative pins I purchased from JoAnn’s and bought me a stuff animal to keep them on display.


My girls always thought it was odd to stick pins in a stuffed animal, but I was trying to find something cute to display my pins and be functional (decorative).





Finished Pin Cushion

I removed the pins from “Duckie” and put them in my new crocheted pin cushion.  The pin cusion does a very nice job and actually gives me more room to see what I have.


Duckie, says “thank you” now would you please pass the Tylenol!


Thanks Mom, for another outstanding piece of work.  Hmmm, I need to see if there is something else I want out of that magazine.

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Mother’s Day Card…

Red Maple TreeI spent the day before Mother’s Day making my Mother a Mother’s Day Card.  It took me most of the day, mainly because I had the privilege of keeping Rylan. 

So, while she was awake I was at her beck-n-call (gladly).  If you get down in the floor with her she thinks that is the signal to jump on you.  I love it, because then giggles and tickling and laughter ensues.


 Elements that make up my Mother’s card.

Mother's day car element

White CS: 1 @ 5-3/4″ x 10″, 2 @ 4-3/4″ x 5-1/5″;  Pink CS: 2 @ 4-7/8″ x 5-1/2″; small Pink and Blue mats for “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Patterned paper: 1 @ 4″ x 5″; MS – Lace Doily punch;

Medallion – Mini-Monogram Cart – 1 blue cut @ 2.5″; 1 blue and 1 pattern cut @ 2.5″ with 2″ welded in center to make a scallop ring.

Butterflies & MOM Medallion  – SCAL cut file; Leaves from K&C with Glossy Accents added; Ribbon  (cut to 6″ lengths) & Rhinestone- $1 bin Michael’s; Glitter – Artglitter (Lemone, Hotkiss) and Stampendous – Pink; Sakura – glitter pen; Stickles – Black for butterfly body and Star Dust to add some sparkle  on the mats.



The butterfly was first colored with Prisma Color Pencils and odorless minieral spirits on the out edges.  The spots on the wings are glittered and then the entire butterfly itself is glittered.  The body is black Stickles and the antenne are drawn in.

The solid blue medallion is the base with the Mom medallion glue on top. I used pop dots to lift the solid blue medallion off the card.  I glued the blue scallop ring to the pattern paper scallop ring (off-setting the scallops) and then tied the three ribbons around them.  Trimmed the ribbon and used pop dots to lift it up off the MOM medallion.




The inspiration for this card came from “Paper Creations” magazine.

The finish product and of course the inside with another card for M’s attached.  Wow! She got two cards in one!



The picture at the beginning is a snap shot of the burgandy leaves on my Red Maple Tree that sits on the Northeast side of my front flowerbed.  This tree always has such beautiful colors.
Remember all you have to do is click on the picture to see a larger image.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  I love hearing from you.
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My Mother…

Knockout Rose Bouquet

Here is a bouquet of the first roses off of my Knockout Rose Bush that I planted this Spring.  Thought this was a very fitting and beautiful picture for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and as they say, don’t you wish we had smell-a-vision!




Mother's-80th-b-day.jpgSo here we are, three generations honoring my Mother on her 80th Birthday back in September, 2008.  Mom’s in the chair, her name is Mauedina but she goes by Dena.  On the left going to the right,  is my #1 daughter (meaning the oldest), Brandy, then Amber is my second daughter and youngest, and then me.

Not long ago, I decided to see if I could get my Mother interested in card making.  I talked to her about it and told her if she was interested in trying a new hobby I would be glad to share some of my stash.  Mother loves to work in her yard,  flowerbeds, she is an avid reader and she loves to crochet.

Mother was definitely interested and so I went through every thing I had and shared with her all the items I had duplicates of or items I didn’t use anymore since I got my Cricut E.  She was a little timid at first but I kept encouraging her and ever so often we would have a day where we would get together and work on a technique. She has made several cards and is doing an outstanding job.

My Mother has crocheted since she was 16 years old.  She said they couldn’t afford thread back then so she would take flour sacks and unravel them and take the threads and roll them in a ball.  She certainly has an appreciation for the balls of thread she can get today in all colors and sizes.   When you look at her work every stitch is perfect, beautiful and a masterpiece.


img_2176.jpgThis is one of her first cards and she made one for both my daughters and me.  Looks a lot better than my first card.  She loves being able to mix her love for crochet with her new found hobby “card making”.  She is working on a cute crochet pin cushion for my stick pins.   I’m also encouraging her to make some crochet flowers, who knows maybe she’ll be able to sell some of them and earn a little extra money for her new hobby.  As soon as we have a completed project I’ll post it. 

I’m so fortunate to have my Mother in my life.  She is healthy, very sharp and always trying to improve her self.  Thanks Mom, for being so supportive and a good friend.  I want you to know I love you very much!

Happy Mother’s Day!