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Two Peas, but oh so different…

img_2107Good afternoon all!  I apologize for the late post.  I’ve been very busy with a challenge on the Cricut MB and got lost in the moment.

I have two daughters (Brandy and Amber).  When I was pregnaent with both I prayed that God would give me girls and my prayer was answered both times.  These girls are the light of my life.  I don’t know that a mother has loved two girls any more than I have.

These girls are so different, isn’t it amazing how they can be raised in the same household and come out differently.  I love them both because they are so different and equally as challenging.  They keep this Mother on her toes .

Brandy's Mother's Day Card

This is the card daughter #1 gave me.  She always seems to get those cards that make you LOL and make your thoughts go in one direction and then when you open the card and read the the punch line you realize she had you right where she wanted you.

This child works a full time job, has two children and runs her household (with an awesome SIL) like a well oiled clock.  She is truly a beautiful woman at heart and loves her little family.  Her gift to me on Mother’s Day was this website.  My SIL set it up and got me started and it is a gift that I am enjoying long after the package has been received.



This is the card that daughter #2 gave me.  There is a store here in the Dallas area called Paper Source and you can find all kinds of creative things in that store.  This is a very beautiful and simple card.  Bonus, she gave me the template for the vase.

This child has a gift for creating and along with that the eye for those unique items that just seem to work no matter what you put it with.  She is constantly on the go but seems to find time to allow herself to be creative in various mediums and elements.  She is a beautiful women with self confidence and desire to give to others.  She is a wordsmith and poet.  Her ability to paint a picture with words amazes me.


This is also one of the items from Paper Source and as soon as I get them made you will get to see them here on the website.




Gift Card

And finally, the card that keeps on giving for awhile and they wonder why I have so much stuff in my craft studio…..they keep enabling me.




The flower at the beginning of this post is a Marigold.  I love the cherriness of this flower and the dual tone in the petals.

To see a closer view of the picture just click  on the picture.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.