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I Think I Might Have an Obession …..

IMG_2723.JPGRemember that song …..”Tiiiiiime is on my side, oh yes it is”, Tiiiiime is on my side, oh yes it is”.  Now at this age I think it should be  “Tiiiiiime is not on my side, oh no it’s not!”

I recently added another clock to my collection.   I hadn’t thought about having an obsession with clocks or time, until I got this last clock.  So, I thought I would take a journey around my house and look at how many clocks I have.  Now this doesn’t count all the clocks on the microwave, coffeemaker, stove, VCR, DVD, TIVO, FIOS set-top, alarm clocks or watches.   Now that I think about all the things that tell time in my home, there is really no reason to ever be late…..oh yea, there are clocks in the cars too.



It started innocently enough, I went through a model home where they used clocks for decoration going up the wall of a stair case.

I loved the idea and started a collection of various clock faces to decorate my formal dining room wall.  There are six clocks covering this wall.  I think I’ve had these up (not in the same spot or wall) for a good 10 years and I still like them both for their function and their decorative piece.



This is probably my favorite, although we do not keep it wound (all the chiming keeps us awake) and it has to be wound every 8 days.  This sits in the entry hall and it was given to me as a gift from my DH when we moved into our new home.  We had the house built back in 1986 and there is an inscription inside the clock the commemorates that day.  That was 23 years ago, and yes I’m saying to myself, time does fly.





This clock hangs over the fireplace and is actually a “steal of a deal” I got at Hobby Lobby.  It was a damaged piece and it had the exact colors I needed for the den.  They took off some additional $$ and told me is was non-returnable.  I took it home and fixed what was damaged and you can’t tell where it was fixed.

Love this time piece too!




So here is the clock (the gigantic clock) that found a home on my wall in my “Woman Cave”.  With a 50% off coupon in hand, I found it at Joann’s for 19.99 (by the way it is at Michael’s for 16.99).  I didn’t discover that Michael’s had it cheaper until after I had already purchased it from Joann’s.  For $10.00, this clock became a graphic design on my wall and I think it is big enough for me to see in the wee hours of the morning when my eyes are glazed over from working on a project.  

My DH saw it today and thought it was just a decorative piece, when I told him I needed to get a AA battery to make it work, he was astonished.

I’m going to add more graphics to the clock, I’m thinking of a saying such as “God creates outside of time and space so we can create within.” 

Let me know what you think of the saying or maybe I’ll run a little contest for the best slogan, now wouldn’t that be fun! 

Talk about a Litter….

IMG_2714.JPGJust in case you can’t tell what this is a picture of……it’s puppies! 

So, last Saturday, my #1 daughter and I make a trip to the 3rd Monday Trade Day in McKinney, Texas.  We had never been to this Trade Day and besides wanting to see how it compared to the mega trade day in Canton, Texas, we also wanted to get a feel of how many other vendors made the same type of items she makes.  Remember, she is the one who just announce Loop-De-Loo was up and running.

She ran into one of the women that works for her and she had bought her 5th dog.  Oh my, I’m not sure about 5 dogs in a house! 

As we were leaving we decided to take a pass through the area where they sold the dogs and ran upon this kennel of little puppies all bunch together taking a nice siesta!  As you can see there was so many of them and they filled up the entire camera lens.  The temperature had already hit the 90’s but they were all on top of each other staying warm.

Somethings in life just make you have to stop and take a picture.  To get a closer look just click on the picture.  Thanks for stopping by!

Loop-de-Loo Now Up and Running


Good morning, I wanted to do a little plug for my #1 daughter’s new website, Loop-de-Loo (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6005587).    She is a very talented lady and has some very cute and unique items.  This is the beginning post and she will be adding things to  it so be sure and keep checking back.

I personally love the black and white bracelet and I can tell you those hair accessories are even more beautiful when you see them in person.  She is always on the look out for new items to add interest and make things unique.  She also does things in custom colors all you have to do is ask.  I’ve added her to my blog roll and you guest it she is being added to the list to receive a blog award.

Be sure to hop over and take a look and leave her a comment.

We Are What We Eat….

img_1585-1I’m one of those people that have to constantly watch my weight.  I’m lucky, I get to watch it from the front and the back. LOL!

Several years ago I had a major health issue and went through a procedure called a Lap Nissan.  No, this is not a lap ban procedure for weight loss, it is one used to help control acid reflux.  By the way, if any of you suffer from this disease (known as Gerd), please look into it.  Left alone and not given proper care can lead into serious health issues.

Eighteen months after I had the procedure the acid reflux was back.  I was praying for God to heal me when I felt like He told me He had given me all the tools and information I needed.  Talk about a wake-up call.  When you sense God dropping something into your spirit, you know you better listen.  The surgery was suppose to give me about 10 years of relief, so I couldn’t have it done again so soon.  I decided I needed to go ahead and drop the weight I had gained after the surgery.  I needed to make some life style changes and not just another diet.  I did some research for a Nutritionist that specialized in Gerd and was directed to Kathy at Cooper’s Clinic here in Dallas.

There are all kinds of things that aggravate Acid Reflux, but for me,  we discovered if I get over a certain weight my acid reflux flairs up. I don’t even have to step on the scales all I have to do is gain a pound or two over a certain weight and it starts kicking in.  Loose that pound or two and it settles down.  That is because the extra weight shoves the stomach up into the Esophagus.  By the way, my acid reflux was not indigestion, or heartburn.  The only symptom I had/have is a chronic cough.  One coughing spasm after the other.  Strange but true and so annoying to the people around you and to yourself.

Going to the Nutrisionist was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  She took all the knowledge I had gained through the years of counting calories, or points or various diets and showed me how to use them. She also walked me through my good choices and bad choices of food and how to incorporate the foods that I love but shouldn’t have all the time.  She showed me how some of the things eaten at certain times a day would affect my weight the next day.  She directed me to a sight I use over and over again when I need to get myself back on track.  I use Calorie King @calorieking.com.  Here, I can journal everything I eat, keep up with exercise, fluids I take in and number of steps (yes, you need 10K a day) you walk a day.  The data bank of foods is awesome and you can create your own,  for  foods or exercise not included in the data banks.  It has a plan for you to read through and get to know how to help yourself.  Yes, it cost ($75.00/Yr), but I am so worth it, I’m healthier when I use it. I also discoverd that when I use it everyday I can make good choices and have a true life style change not just another diet.

Knowledge is power and to know what you are putting in your mouth and how many calories you are consuming as well as what makes up those calories, will help you make better choices.  As Kathy told me, ” I’m giving you 1,400 calories day”.  “Think of them as dollars, make sure you are getting your monies worth when you spend them”.  “You wouldn’t spend $500 on a Wal-mart dress, so don’t speed 500 calories on something that is only going to taste good while you’re eating it, do your body no good and make you feel guilty after it’s gone”.  For some reason that logic hit home with me.

What I discovered about myself is I’m a grazer.  I like to eat all day long and not feel full.  I like to eat 5-6 mini meals a day.  This keeps my metabolism up and in doing this I have lost 2 lbs since Monday.  I’m also trying to exercise 5 days a week for about 1 hour (so far sos good).  In 4 short days,  I’m already feeling better and I’m looking forward to finishing up the week strong.  Hmm, I still have some calories I need to consume.   One of my favorite new snacks is the Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bar, they are soooo good!

Do something good for yourself today!  You deserve it!  Take charge of your health by making little changes .  If you made 1 change each week, you will have made 52 changes in one year toward a healthier and happier you!




What goes through the mind of a cat


This is Henry.  He is our grandkitty.  My #2 daughter travels quite a bit and we take care of Henry (named after Indiana Jones).  Maybe because he is always getting into tight places.

Henry discovered my work bag (keep in mind this has a zipper section running through the middle of the bag) and decided it was the correct place for him to get in and take a nap.




As you can see he is quite pleased with himself and doesn’t understand what all the commotion is about.

Maybe he is hoping I’ll take him to work with me!




Thinking of You

I have a friend that just had surgery and I’m trying to make him a card.  I’ve come up with this layout so far but I’m at a standstill.  Keep in mind this is not inked or glued down yet but I’m trying to figure out the finishing touches.

I think the reason I can’t come up with anything is I’m too tired.  So, I’m going to walk away from it and see if I can get a fresh approach.

So that means I should come up with something over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping  by and yes that is a MS zig zag border punch.  I’m not sure I like the fub on, but I wanted to see what the layout would look like with something in that spot.

Mysteriously, I got this in the Mail…

Numbers StickersHmmm!  I received this in the mail the other day.  Strange, I don’t think I ordered it.  Note the key words “I don’t remember”.

The return address said Kable Products out of Fairfield, OH.  I don’t remember ever ordering anything from them.  I went onto the internet to look them up, I didn’t have any luck with finding the business.

So, I put it in a drawer (with the envelope) waiting on someone to let me know where they came from.  Maybe, there will be a message that says, oops we mailed you something that you should not have received.

The package they came in says “Wordz Danelle Johnson, Self-Adhesive Designer Embellishments.  Oh well, I like what I got  and I’m going to be using them since I haven’t received any notification.

If you sent these to me, thanks a-lot!  If you didn’t send them, then stay tuned as I use them in either a card or a scrapbook layout.

Thanks for looking, and be sure and leave me a comment.  I love hearing from you!

What Can You Get for $1

I confess, I love the $1 bins at Michaels and I also love the $1 Scrapbooking supplies at JoAnn’s.  You have to watch, pick and choose, and monitor often, but if you are patient you can get some cute stuff.

$1 Stamps MichealsWe have several Michael stores close to either where I live or where my #1 Daughter and I work, so there is no lack of incentive to check them out.

So, just because one Michaels doesn’t have it doesn’t mean the other won’t.  I found these cute $1 stamps this week at Michaels.  Six $1 stamps and lucky me I had a coupon for 20% off the entire total purchase.  I like to use these type coupons on these type items rather than using a 40% off coupon on one item that only cost $1.  So that equaled out to me only paying $.80 for each stamp.  Wait it gets better…I still had over $5 dollars on a gift certificate from Mother’s Day.  By the end I got all of these stamps and still had $.35 left on my gift card.

JoAnn $1 Scrapbooking

So at JoAnn’s they have $1 Scrapbooking Supplies.  I like to purchase the rub-ons because they are usually the right size for the cards I make and have great sentiments.  Bonus, some of them were only $.50.

As you can see some of them are colored and some black and white.  They are just a good all around sentiments touching on different things like friendship, get well soon and inspirational words.

Clear Stamps

As I started to check out at JoAnn’s I looked down and they had these clear $1 stamps on a bottom shelf of the impluse buy line.

They are nicely detailed and well worth the $1/pkg they cost. 

So, I think if you just keep your eyes peeled you might be surprise what you can find for $1.  Oh by the way, I already had the Friend to Friend stamp from Michaels…no biggie, I’ll give that to my Mom, she loves stamps also!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget you can click on the picture to get a closer look.  Be sure and leave me a message and let me know how you are liking the site.

Flower Soft

Flower Soft Blue BonnetI have seen this product called “Flower Soft” over the last few months and of course it peaked my interest.

I’ve heard some conversations that said it was difficult to work with; however, I had a chance to sit down and do a make-in-go when I attended the American Scrapbook Convention and it was pretty easy.

The first thing we did, is stamp the bluebonnet on white card stock.  They then had us use a small stiff bristle brush and dip it into some glue (like Elemers or Tacky glue).  Next stipple the glue across the area where we wanted the flower soft to stick.  We took the flower soft and sprinkled it over the area, then pat the flower soft down on the glued area. Just tap the cs on the side of the container holding the flower soft and sit aside and let dry.  Very much the same way you would do glitter.

Love the dimension and texture it gives to the stamp image.  I also love the fact that you don’t have to use those thin long strands that come with the kit to get the look of flowers.  It comes in various colors so it is not a one jar of Flower Soft fits all.  It could get a little expensive to get all the various colors.  I could see where this would be very lovely used with Victorian style cards or layouts and I’ve seen some “Country” style stamps that this would work with nicely.

I didn’t purchase any, but it is probably something I’ll add to my arsenal eventually.

Paper Wishes – Prize Pkg #2

PW Prize #2Hmm, some would say, “You must live a blessed life!”  My answer to that is…..yes!

Recently, Paper Wishes (PW) asked participants of the Message Board (MB) to send in their tips to be used on an upcoming week of webisodes and tips.

One of my tips, out of the 10-30 I sent in, was chosen and I received this booklet of 24 sheets of 80# paper and 30 tags called Dots & Stripes.  I also received a package of the Dazzles Dragonfly Stickers along with a package of  Fresh Berry Great Big Brads.

This is my second time to when a prize from PW.  You know with them giving me free stuff, it can’t help but be one of my favorite places to visit.  They are a great source of supplies and a great place for inspiration.  Be sure and check out their “Free Classes”.  In this economic climate, we can all use something free!

Thank you again Paper Wishes! 

Arlington, TX Scrapbooking Convention

I’m posting a little late, but thought I would let everyone know I’m off to the Arlington, TX Great American Scrapbook Convention (with my bestest friend ever Phyllis).

It takes about an hour to get there from here and of course we have to make a Starbucks stop.  There is such sweet pleasure when you get to spend a day with your best friend and you both enjoy the same thing. Phyllis is starting her Nursing School next week so she needs some relaxation over the next few days before her schedule changes to head down and [email protected]%% up for studying.

Acrylic Stamp Storage

So here is a peek of the finish product of my Acrylic Storage System.  It is using CD Standard Jewel Cases.

I’ll walk through the tutorial later, and by the way those two cuties in the picture are Gareth (4) and Rylan (1).  They are so cute! 

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to get an update on the Scrapbook Convention tomorrow.