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Fe…Fi…Fo…Fum I See Giant Templates

IMG_2678.JPGPaper Wishes has some awesome templates and some of them are 12 x 12.  This size would be hard to store but I think I found a very quick and sensible storage solution.

I bought a 12 x 12 scrapbook.  This particular one uses post and that is ok  for this application.  Post scrapbooks are easier to find and  they are usually cheaper than the 3 ring scrapbooks.   Scrapbooks usually come with a few protective sheet covers that you slide your finish layout into.



 The 12 x 12 protective sheet covers are a perfect fit for the 12 x 12 Giant Templates.  Because the protective sheet covers are clear it makes it easy to see the template stored in them.  You can slide it out, use it and slide it back in.




As your collection of PW templates grow you can just add more protective sheet covers.  You could also get fancy and put a 12 x 12 sheet of paper or cardstock in with the template to make it show up better.  However, it is not necessary because the templates have enough writing on them to stand out.



 I sent this tip on to PW this week.  Who knows maybe I’ll have another tip published during a week of webisodes.  Fingers cross, I’m always in for getting more free stuff!

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I Think I Need Help?

I love organization and I have noticed that I will spend endless hours getting it there.  Hence, today’s post is scary!


If you own one of these, you understand the drive or “need” to use it and label everything in site.

This was a Christmas present one year by #2 Daughter and I have enjoyed not only owning it but using it to put labels on anything that stays in one place too long.  Sorry about that Henry (he’s the cat)!




Jet Max Cube

So this is my endless row of Jet Max Cubes.  These are excellent for the Scrapbooking/Card making hobby and all the endless things it takes to keep these hobbies flowing.  All the various versions of the Jet Max Cubes allow you to custom design the system you need.  I never pay full price for these, there is usually always a 40% off coupon from M’s, JoAnn’s or HL.  Ever so often M’s will have them on sell for 40% off and that is when I purchased most of mine.

After I finished the craft studio, I filled the drawers but never took the time to label them.  I will tell you, this served an unintended purpose.  It allowed me to shift items around until I got them in the place that was efficient for the type of tool or element I was trying to store.  That wasn’t the original intent for leaving them unlabeled, it just worked out that way.  The original intent of leaving them unlabeled was ….well I wanted to get busy making cards and days turned into weeks and weeks into months.  However, it finally got to me as I repeatedly had to open the various drawers to find what I was looking for.


So the size of the inserts are 1″ x 2″ and then I just made a label with the P-touch of what was inside that drawer.  I didn’t try to list everything but just enough to jog my memory of what was in that particular drawer.





I did try to center things as best I could, but I didn’t get tied up with that “perfection” thing.  As long as it was close and I can read what is in that drawer was good enough for me.

I also did the inserts and labels in white.  This keeps the eye moving across the labels and also helps them blend into the Jet Max Cubes.



Now with that done, I feel like I have really accomplished something today.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll go take a nap or better yet go treat myself to some ice cream……Yum-mo!

Thread Holder …sweet

I’ve been looking at this thread holder at JoAnn’s and decided now was the time to get it.  I had a 50% off coupon that would make it more affordable.  Oh not that it was expensive, but it was one of those items that would be nice to have but not always what I wanted to spend my money on.  It cost $6.99 and with that 50% off coupon I thought it was a still at $3.49.

Thread & Bobbin Holder

One of the nice things about this thread holder is that it will hold 30 spools of thread or a mixture of thread and bobbins.  It also stands up rather than needing to be attached to the wall.  That makes it easy to move it to my sewing machine.


Spray Painted it Black

Of course it needed a little sprucing up to match the rest of my craft studio, so out comes the can of black spray paint.




Sulky Threads & Bobbins

Here it is in all of it’s organzational glory.  It’s perfect for the Sulky threads my #1 Daughter gave me (love the vibrant colors) and it also is a great place for the bobbins.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the ends of the threads wrapped around the bobbins.

You know I’m going to have to fill every peg up on this thread holder.  It looks too lonely with those little spool holders not holding a great color.  Hmm, maybe the Sulky threads will be on sale soon.


Thanks for looking and as always just click on the picture to see a closer view.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.  By the way Irishlady, thank you for the words of encouragement and may the God we serve fill you with hope today!

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Best Stamp Caddy Ever…

Stamp Pad Revolving Case

Hi Everyone!  I know it has been several days since I posted.  I have been busy and took a few days off from posting.

When I was at the American Scrapbook Convention I stumbled upon the booth of Best Craft Organizer.  They had this organizer for stamp pads for $39.99.

A couple of years ago my #1 Daughter and I went in together and bought 50+ Stampin Up stamp pads off the internet at a good price.  Since that time we have had them stored in clear shoe boxes.  Then when I created the craft studio they ended up in three drawers of JetMax cubes.

The stamp caddy has a place on top for the re-inkers and it also came with a strap and side pieces that you can attached to keep the stamp pads from coming out if you decide to carry to a crop night or need to move it.

Tip:  Just in case you are not aware of this tip I thought I would add it here since we were talking about stamp pads.  You should store you stamp pads upside down and flat.  Stampin Up pads are designed to automatically store the pad upside down when you close the pad.  I turn my other pads over so they will be stored upside down.  This keeps the ink at the top surface of the ink pad.  So you know what that means…..I have to get out my label maker and label it.

I have found the stamp caddy on the internet but they are always so expensive and then you have to pay the shipping cost.  So, when I saw this price, I knew it was the prize of “my” day.  Little did I know that the lady at Best Craft Organizer was going to add to my delight.

I left the stamp caddy at the booth so I could finish the convention without having to carry it around.  When I went back to booth to pick up the caddy the lady said, “Here you go and I’m giving you the piece that holds the pens.”  Wow! I felt so blessed and was so grateful.  I think that additional piece was somewhere around $10.00.  I feel I certainly got my monies worth and what a great organizational tool for the stamps.

By the way the Butterfly was a give-a-way from the PKGlitz booth.  It was too pretty to throw it away so I used it to bedazzle the stamp caddy………….sweet!

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Acrylic Stamps – Storage Solution

I realize there is a lot of ways to store your acrylic stamps and you have probably gone through several of them.  There is the clip-it-up method, there is keeping them in binders using protective sheets, Jim Holtz has a system and I’ve seen several others.

My problem is I forget what I have if I don’t see them and the clip-it-up method was a little more expensive than what I wanted to get into.  So I saw this storage used with some Bo-Bunny acrylic stamps and I’ve also seen DVD cases used.  This is fairly inexpensive, depending on how much recycled items you have.

Items Used: 

Standard Jewel Cases (pk of 10 for $3.99 – Office Depot)

Cardstock – Your choice of color

Acetate – You can get this at your craft store or Office Center – I used recycled acetate from packaging and sheets that covered the acrylic stamps.

Staz-On Ink – Black

Large acrylic stamp block


 Let’s begin….

This system uses a “standard” jewel case.  This is important because the slim jewel cases do not have a removable center that holds the disk and it does not have enough depth to allow the case to close when you put the stamps inside.  It usually takes two standard jewel cases to hold a sleeve of stamps. 

Tip:  If you buy Music CD’s they can be recycled to use in this system.

Standard Jewel CaseCenter removed from Jewel Case

Pop the center out and you are left with the front and back of the standard jewel case.

Since my craft studio is in black/white/yellow, I chose a light yellow card stock to use as my cover for the cases.  The cover does a couple of things.  The top of the cover is where I write the information about the mfg and the stamps and there is a 1/4″ lip on the cover that labels what is in the case.  I used categories  (i.e. flourishes, floral, words, medallions, etc) so I put like things together.  This helps narrow down the packages and it puts the various styles and types together.  To me this is a time saver.  I don’t have to dig through everything trying to find that one stamp I know I purchased but can’t seem to remember what set of stamps it came with.

I used a Cricut E. and the George cart. to cut the top cover sheet and the bottom acetate.  The top measurements are 4.625″ H x 5.6888″W and the bottom is set at 4.935″H and 4.75″W.  I cut the top cover out of cardstock and the bottom sheet out of acetate.

Bottom TemplateCut several bottoms (see measurements above) out of acetate.  Mark one to use as a template and place it in the bottom of the jewel case and arrange the stamps to fill the template.  Be sure and keep the stamps off the small lips in the jewel case that holds the template in place.  This enables you to slide the bottom acetate out and in easily.

Tip:  I marked the template so I knew which one I was using for a template so I would not get it mixed up with the acetate bottoms I was stamping. That way only one acetate bottom was getting ink smudges on it.

Stamps arranged on TemplateOnce the stamps are arranged (cut side up), ink the stamps with Staz-on Ink then place another acetate bottom on top of the inked stamps.  Make sure you have the bottom turned correctly to match the widths and the heights correctly. 

Ink/acetate bottom/acrylic block

Using the acrylic block press down to transfer the image to the acetate bottom. 


Remove the stamped acetate and let it dry.  Once it is dry turn the stamp side over and slide it into the bottom of the standard jewel case.  This will mean the stamped image is against the jewel case.  This will turn the images correctly and you can place your stamps in the designated places.

Jewel Case/stamped acetate bottom/acrylic stamps

The acetate bottom being stamped with the predetermined places will help you keep your stamps in the right jewel cases and give you a road map as to how they go back in the case.

From here cut the top cover to go in the lid of the standard jewel case.

Labeled Top Cover

I ran the covers through my printer giving them  the general categories (i.e., floral, floruishes, words medallions). 

You can get as detailed as you want but I just hand wrote the information on the top just in case I needed it later.



1/4" from the bottomUsing the Scor-Pal I ran a fold at the 4-1/4″ mark, placing the edge of my cardstock on 4″ and the next line over is the 1/4″. 

1/4" fold to create label

Using a ruler to make the crease sharp creates the label for the standard jewel case.  Yes, you are correct the label is upside down at this point; however, when you slide it into the top of the jewel case and turn it over it is right side up.





Stamps in Jewel Case on top of stamp acetate bottom

Here the acrylic stamps are lined up on the stamped acetate bottom inside the jewel case in their designated area.

Cover slide into the top of the Jewel Case

Slide the top cover in the top of the standard jewel case, making sure the folded label is in the middle of the jewel case.  This enables the label to show when the standard jewel case is closed.

Finished Acrylic Stamp Storage

Here it is!  Now I got a little carried away and inked the edges of the labels so they would have a little dimension to them.



What I love about this system:

1. They are neatly stored, like items are together (words, Christmas, florals, etc).

2. I can pull out a category and just turn it over and look at what is stored in that jewel case.  If that is not what I’m looking for slide it right back in it’s slot. 

3. If it is what I’m looking for; open it, use it, easily put it back in the jewel case exactly replacing it where the stamped image is marked.

4.  It sits on top of my jetmax cubes at arms reach and a reminder that they are available.

5.  It’s compact and all the same size.

6.  It can be added to, changed or reduced easily.

7.  The various mfg’s information is written on the cover and easily accessed.

Thanks for taking the time to read through and be sure and let me know if you discover a step you would like to know more about or information on.  The clear CD case is from the Container Store and cost about $6.99.  I like using the clear items because it keeps the room feeling light and airy.

I apologize for the placement of some of the pictures and text.  I tried repeatedly to get them straightened out but at last the system was being rebellious.

Be sure and leave me a note, let me know what you think,  I love hearing from you. 

Acrylic Stamp Storage

img_2453.jpgThis is a Black-eyed Susan vine that is growing on a trellis outside my front kitchen window.  I planted this about 6 weeks ago and it was very small.  With all the rain and sunshine this vine has gone crazy.

When I look out of my window every morning, the vine has shoots that look like they have grown six inches over night.

I’m currently working on a different type of storage for my acrylic stamps.  I’m one of those people that needs to see things or I forget that I have them. 

I’ve been storing my acrylic stamps in sheet protectors and then storing them in an accordion file.  That is not working for me, so I saw a new way and decided I would try it.


I’ll post more tomorrow as I finish up changing all my acrylic stamps to this new system.  I can tell you I have about 7 of them completed and I can already tell this system is going to work a lot better than my old one.

Be sure and stay tuned……

Simple, Cute and Inexpensive Project…

Day LillyThought I would post a real easy project.  I did this project when I was creating my Craft Studio.  I got the idea from an overhead banner in the ribbon department at Michael’s.  I happened to notice it is still up when I went the other day.

I had a can that some word graphics came in; however, a Pringle can would work equally well.  I painted the cylinder black and then wrapped it in 3 styles/colors of ribbon, tying the ribbon in a knot to secure it to the cylinder.  You are not limited to the number of colors or patterns.  I just have a tendency to work in odd numbers (3, 5, 7 etc.).

Since my craft studio Cylindar/Ribbonis in yellow, white and black I chose ribbon to match the decorating theme.  By the way this is $1 ribbon from Michael’s.  Yes, some of the ribbon has a little glitter on it.  We need the bling!

The length of ribbon you will need will vary depending on how big the cylinder is you are wrapping the ribbon around.

Tip:  Once you have figured out the length of ribbon you need to wrap around the cylinder and tie it off with a knot, cut 1 each of the different styles/colors  of  ribbons to the correct length and then lay them out in the pattern you want to achieve.  This will show you how much ribbon you need to cut and keep the pattern in tact as you start tying it around the cyclinder.  It also gives you a chance to play around with the ribbon to figure out a pattern before you cut more than you need.

I worked from the bottom up.  I then folded each strip of ribbon in half to find the center of the ribbon and attached a glue dot.  Press the ribbon (which has the glue dot)  to the center back of the cyclinder and wrap the ribbon around to the front and tie the knot.  The glue dot keeps the ribbon in line and secure as you tie the knot and move up the cyclinder.  I also put a glue dot under the knot to hold it in place.

Decorated Cyclinder -Rulers

Here it is sitting on my workstation holding all my rulers.  It’s pretty, has a great form, recylced and functional.  What more could you ask for?

There is something about this piece that makes me smile everytime I see it.  It’s probably because I did something good for the environment….or it could just be I like getting to look at the ribbon!

The flower at the beginning of the post is an orange Day Lily on the Southeast side of my flowerbed.  They are so beautiful but you have to catch them early because their flowers are only here for one day.

Remember, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and get a better look.  Be sure and leave me a comment, I love hearing what you think and as always thank you for stopping by.

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Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon….

Ok, I admit it!  I’m a wimp when it comes to ribbon.  Maybe it’s the little girl in me.  All I know is that I love ribbon, all kinds of ribbon.

I’ve tried several ways of keeping ribbon.  I bought the ribbon box from the craft store, you know the one where you put the spools in and pull a little ribbon through a slot.  I didn’t care for that because the perfectionist in me wanted the spools to fit exactly in those little slots.  Since ribbon comes in different sizes what do I do with the larger spools.

I then took a dowel rod and ran it through the spools and hung it up so all I had to do is pull the ribbon off the spools.   Hmmm, didn’t care for that either because I needed all the colors to be together (yellows, reds, oranges).  Every time I bought a new spool (which by the way is often), I had to disassemble the rod so I could get the color where it belonged.  Also, all spools are not created equal. Some spools have large holes and some had small spools.

Next up, was wrapping them around the embroidery thread holders and putting them on a ring.  You guessed it, I didn’t care for that because, they didn’t hold much and honestly, I didn’t like the way it looked.

I saw an article in a magazine and also on the Internet that showed someone using doll pins and wrapping the ribbon around them.  Then they placed them in a jar so they could see them and used them to decorate their space.  I loved this idea!  It took care of the bulky spools, it made them look similar and you could see the beautiful ribbon.



Unfortunately, with all the ribbon I had it would take a lot of jars to hold all the ribbon.  So, I opted  to put it in a large glass bowl.  Again, it was beautiful to look at, but I had to dig through the entire bowl to find the ribbon I wanted.

My youngest daughter, Amber, had a beautiful 3 tier wire basket stand that she found at Smith and Hawkins.  I thought, that would be perfect.  I would be able to see the ribbon, put the colors together and if I wanted I could even pull the ribbon through the holes.  Well, I found a similar one at HL for $39.99 and had a 40% coupon (sweet)!



I know that we are all different and it is a matter of preference, but this has worked beautifully for me.  I love looking up from my workstation and seeing the ribbon.  This large 3 basket wire stand also has a lot of room for me to add more ribbon.  So that means I need to leave you now because I know there is a color of ribbon out there that is calling my name saying “Come buy me”!