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Paper Cutz Challenge #9


IMG_3011.JPGThis weeks Paper Cutz Challenge was a Christmas layout, project or card.  Tomorrow is my Mother’s 81st Birthday and I took this challenge to make her a Christmas Ornament.

This is the snowflake from the Provo Craft Cricut Christmas cartridge cut at 4″.




First IMG_3004.JPGI cut 2 snowflakes out of white chipboard.  This white chipboard is actually the backing to a paper pack that I tore apart.  I tried using chipboard that I recycled from a cereal box but I was not having any luck. It has rained so much here and the humidity is so high that the cereal box chipboard felt damp and would not cut correctly.

I also cut two snowflakes out of blue colored cardstock.  I used pale blue coarse German glass.  You can click on the picture and enlarge it to see the beautiful color of the German glass. 

TIP:  Make sure the color background of your item is close to the same color of your glitter or German Glass.  When you do this, if you miss a place it is not as obvious as it would be if the white was showing through.  Once all the snowflakes were glued together I used the Basic Grey files to get in between the cut out areas and file away any burrs and define the detail of the snowflake.


IMG_3007.JPGI ran both the two white chipboard snowflakes and the two blue cardstock snowflakes through a Xyron machine and glue the white to white and then adhered both blue cardstock snowflakes to each side of the white snowflake.   This makes the snowflake very dimensional and puts the white chipboard in the middle.

Put an eyelet in so it can hold ribbon or wire.  I originally started to put the glue on with a foam brush.  However, the glue dried out too much and it was too thin to hold the coarse German Glass on the snowflake.

TIP:  You need to use a semi-thick consistency glue that will dry clear.  I use Art Glitter Designer Adhesive (www.artglitter.com) because it is excellent for glitter and German Glass.  It is a little pricey ($18.59 for 8oz.) but it has lasted me for a long time and it works great. 


IMG_3008.JPGI found that if you dab the glue in a small area at a time and then pour the German Glass over it, it adheres better.  This process takes a little while and I took two days letting one side dry and then did the other side.




IMG_3013.JPGOnce dry, I went back and looked over it to see if there were any areas that I missed.  Well of course there was…. because with coarse German Glass it is too large and will not get in all those little twist and turns and edges.

To fill in those areas, I put on additional glue and used a very fine glitter in a color that was close to the German Glass.  Coarse German Glass does not have the eye popping glitz that glitter does so by adding the fine glitter it really makes the snowflake shine and catch light.


Warning:  German Glass is not glitter.  It is little shards of glass and should not be used on items where children will be handling them.  So be sure and be very careful.

My Mother’s favorite color is blue.  Her B-card is white and blue and her little snowflake ornament will be an additional surprise.  I need to find a little box to put it in, oh wait, I think I can have my Cricut Expression cut me one.  There it is another project, I don’t think it ever ends.

Thread Holder …sweet

I’ve been looking at this thread holder at JoAnn’s and decided now was the time to get it.  I had a 50% off coupon that would make it more affordable.  Oh not that it was expensive, but it was one of those items that would be nice to have but not always what I wanted to spend my money on.  It cost $6.99 and with that 50% off coupon I thought it was a still at $3.49.

Thread & Bobbin Holder

One of the nice things about this thread holder is that it will hold 30 spools of thread or a mixture of thread and bobbins.  It also stands up rather than needing to be attached to the wall.  That makes it easy to move it to my sewing machine.


Spray Painted it Black

Of course it needed a little sprucing up to match the rest of my craft studio, so out comes the can of black spray paint.




Sulky Threads & Bobbins

Here it is in all of it’s organzational glory.  It’s perfect for the Sulky threads my #1 Daughter gave me (love the vibrant colors) and it also is a great place for the bobbins.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the ends of the threads wrapped around the bobbins.

You know I’m going to have to fill every peg up on this thread holder.  It looks too lonely with those little spool holders not holding a great color.  Hmm, maybe the Sulky threads will be on sale soon.


Thanks for looking and as always just click on the picture to see a closer view.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.  By the way Irishlady, thank you for the words of encouragement and may the God we serve fill you with hope today!

Simple, Cute and Inexpensive Project…

Day LillyThought I would post a real easy project.  I did this project when I was creating my Craft Studio.  I got the idea from an overhead banner in the ribbon department at Michael’s.  I happened to notice it is still up when I went the other day.

I had a can that some word graphics came in; however, a Pringle can would work equally well.  I painted the cylinder black and then wrapped it in 3 styles/colors of ribbon, tying the ribbon in a knot to secure it to the cylinder.  You are not limited to the number of colors or patterns.  I just have a tendency to work in odd numbers (3, 5, 7 etc.).

Since my craft studio Cylindar/Ribbonis in yellow, white and black I chose ribbon to match the decorating theme.  By the way this is $1 ribbon from Michael’s.  Yes, some of the ribbon has a little glitter on it.  We need the bling!

The length of ribbon you will need will vary depending on how big the cylinder is you are wrapping the ribbon around.

Tip:  Once you have figured out the length of ribbon you need to wrap around the cylinder and tie it off with a knot, cut 1 each of the different styles/colors  of  ribbons to the correct length and then lay them out in the pattern you want to achieve.  This will show you how much ribbon you need to cut and keep the pattern in tact as you start tying it around the cyclinder.  It also gives you a chance to play around with the ribbon to figure out a pattern before you cut more than you need.

I worked from the bottom up.  I then folded each strip of ribbon in half to find the center of the ribbon and attached a glue dot.  Press the ribbon (which has the glue dot)  to the center back of the cyclinder and wrap the ribbon around to the front and tie the knot.  The glue dot keeps the ribbon in line and secure as you tie the knot and move up the cyclinder.  I also put a glue dot under the knot to hold it in place.

Decorated Cyclinder -Rulers

Here it is sitting on my workstation holding all my rulers.  It’s pretty, has a great form, recylced and functional.  What more could you ask for?

There is something about this piece that makes me smile everytime I see it.  It’s probably because I did something good for the environment….or it could just be I like getting to look at the ribbon!

The flower at the beginning of the post is an orange Day Lily on the Southeast side of my flowerbed.  They are so beautiful but you have to catch them early because their flowers are only here for one day.

Remember, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and get a better look.  Be sure and leave me a comment, I love hearing what you think and as always thank you for stopping by.