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Thread Holder …sweet

I’ve been looking at this thread holder at JoAnn’s and decided now was the time to get it.  I had a 50% off coupon that would make it more affordable.  Oh not that it was expensive, but it was one of those items that would be nice to have but not always what I wanted to spend my money on.  It cost $6.99 and with that 50% off coupon I thought it was a still at $3.49.

Thread & Bobbin Holder

One of the nice things about this thread holder is that it will hold 30 spools of thread or a mixture of thread and bobbins.  It also stands up rather than needing to be attached to the wall.  That makes it easy to move it to my sewing machine.


Spray Painted it Black

Of course it needed a little sprucing up to match the rest of my craft studio, so out comes the can of black spray paint.




Sulky Threads & Bobbins

Here it is in all of it’s organzational glory.  It’s perfect for the Sulky threads my #1 Daughter gave me (love the vibrant colors) and it also is a great place for the bobbins.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the ends of the threads wrapped around the bobbins.

You know I’m going to have to fill every peg up on this thread holder.  It looks too lonely with those little spool holders not holding a great color.  Hmm, maybe the Sulky threads will be on sale soon.


Thanks for looking and as always just click on the picture to see a closer view.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.  By the way Irishlady, thank you for the words of encouragement and may the God we serve fill you with hope today!

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More than Cards, NaeNae

First let me explain about my name, NaeNae.  When my GS was little he named me NaeNae. That is pronouced nay, nay.  My #1 Daughter has been giving me a hard time about how I’m spelling it, but if I spell it Nana, people will think it is nanna.  I tried spelling it NayNay, but she didn’t care for that either so here we are NaeNae.  I originally told her I wanted to be called “Diva” or “Goddess” as a grandmother, but she didn’t like that either.  While they were taking a much needed trip to Italy, Gareth started calling me NaeNae and it stuck.  Besides there is nothing sweeter than your own GC giving you the name he thinks you should have.

 My DGS’s B-day is coming up and I bought him several of the foam hats that M’s has been carrying.

Gareth's Hats for His B-DayThere is a cowboy hat, that I’m going to make him chaps and a vest to wear with it.  I found some black vinyl that will be durable and look like leather.

Then there is the pith helmet that I’m going to make a short sleeve vest with pockets and we have a butterfly net to use with that. 

There is a top hat and I’m planning on making him a black cape so he can do magic tricks like Greg on the Wiggles. 

Finally, there is the hard hat and I’m making a tool belt so he can have something to put his tools in for when he is making his “contraption”.  That’s a mighty big word for a 4 year old.  I also have to get his B-Card made, whew, I’m going to be busy.

I have found some of the patterns for his costumes to go along with his hats.  I’m watching the pattern sales because I don’t want to pay $15.00 for a pattern that I will using one time.  On second thought….I don’t want to pay $15.00 for any pattern.

Patterns for the DGCThen as you can see we can’t leave baby Rylan (that is what he calls his sister) out.  She might be 29″ tall but I think she is fudging on her height.  We are making some little carpi’s and a criss-cross top out of some Hawaiian material and some ric-rack.  I also heard that we might need to make her another criss-cross top out of her favorite Sesame Street character “Elmo” and wouldn’t that be cute with some little ruffled blue denim shorts.



 I need to make a get well card for another friend who is in the hospital.  Oh and by the way I picked up Quilling papers and a kit so I’m going to be playing around with that too.  I also told my #1 Daughter I would help her make some cards for an area Children’s Hospital.

So what does all that mean?  Stay tuned, you are going to be seeing some pretty creative stuff if I don’t get too tired just thinking about it.