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3-D Sunflower Part 3 of 3

So here we are with the outside completed.  If your petals are sticking out and up more than you want,  justSide view add a few glue dots to hold the petals down and in place.

The second olive green mat with the oval is for the inside of the card.  You’ll need to cut it down to 4.75″.  Using the Cuttlebug and the Happy Birthday folder emboss the mat and set it aside after the edges have been inked.

Tip:  This mat will be bigger than the A2 folder.  I matched the A2 folder to the side that didn’t get embossed and held it in place with repositionable tape, ran just that side through the CB.  I should have taken a picture of that step but didn’t think about it at the time.  Just be very observant on where the A2 folder ends on the mat and line it up when you go to emboss the rest of the mat.

Inside Mat - Embossed

Here is the inside mat after it has been embossed. 

There is a website called Wordle.net.  This website is free and it lets you create “Beautiful Word Clouds”.  If you want a word to show up larger than the rest of the words (i.e. Amber), you enter that word in your list more than one time.

So I put in a list of words that I felt described her.  Once the “cloud” is made, you can use their format  options to change colors and fonts and how the words appear in the cloud.

Once I got it to where it complimented the colors of the card I printed it off on colored cs. I moved the oval around the “word cloud” until I found the best postion that captured the words I wanted diplayed and cut it down to fit the mat.  I stitched the finished mat to the inside of the card. 

Tip:  It would have been better to stitch the mat to another mat and then apply to the inside of the card, that way your stitching would not show on the back.  Since, I didn’t think of that before hand, I glued a mustard mat (5″ x 5″) to the back of the card and covered up the stitching.  This may seem like it would make the card heavy but it actually helped support the bulkiness of the flower.

Decorated Pins

Added a small bow so I could tuck  a couple of bead encrusted pens to finish off the inside.

Tip:  Because I couldn’t get all the words I used in the “word cloud”  inside the oval, I printed them off on vellum and glued them to the left side of the card.  That way when she opened it up she could see all the words that was used to describe her.


I created an envelope using Paper Wishes Pastel Vellum Papers.  I used the pastel orange and then wrote her name and embellished it with a cute bubble bee and some rain dots.

The vellum envelope allows you to see the Sunflower and mutes the colors. 

Wow, this is a long tutorial for one card.  I have learned that the more detail you do to a card the more instructions it requires.  I’m sure I missed something or accidently left something out.  So if you try to make this card and have a question, please be sure and let me know if I’ve left something out or it is not clear.  I’ll be more than happy to update anything I left out or need to make clearer.

Thanks again for stopping by and let me know what you think.  I hope I showed you something new or provided you a tip that makes it a little easier.

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3-D Sunflower Part 2 of 3

Leaves turned to petalsHi everyone!  I apologize for the delay in the continuation of this card, I had several things come up that I had to take care of and by the end of the day I was too tired to add to this tutorial.

I also updated the first post, you will need to cut 24 to 25 petals not 12.   I also updated the information to reflect that all edges, on all pieces have been inked using Creamy Brown and added ribbon, pin, and brown CS information.

Let’s pick up where we left off.  This picture shows one row of leaves with the stems cut off to form the petals and one row of leaves with the stems still on.  Take a close look at the petals; the top of the petals are turned slightly to the right and on the bottom row the top of the leaves are turned slightly to the left.  This is important as you start to layer the petals that some go to the left and some go to the right.


The petals are colored using the MCPT technique, there are two groups of leaves #1 group and #2 group, and using the colors of Prisma Pencils indicated in post 1 of 3.  I followed the basic yellow in the center, darker color to the left of the petal and lighter color to the right.


Additional enhancements

I also used some perfect medium on several of the petals.

Tip:  You could take 12 of the petals and use as the base, then take 6 and dry emboss them and 4 heat embossed and 2 using perfect medium.  This would give you a different look entirely.

Petals Heat Embossed

Here is what the Jeweled Gold heat Embossed petals look like.  There are actually 4 petals that I did this way.  I colored them along with the other petals and then heat embossed over the petal.  This adds depth and color variations to the petals.


Rolling the Petals

Using a smooth pencil (the Prisma Color Pencils work well), roll the ends of the petals to make a curve.  Some petals will need a little roll and others will need a deeper roll.  I initially rolled them all the same and then as I started assemblying them rolled the petals more as I needed them.

Assembly of Petals

Start layering the petals from the front wrapping the curved ends into the inside of the front of the card.  I used repositional glue until I got the first three or four started.  As I like how they looked I went back and attached them with permanent glue.  Don’t be surprised if you get something the way you like it and then need to add a petal to the layer beneath.  Just keep arranging and layering until you go completely around the oval cut out.

Once they were all attached I cut an oval 3.09″W x 3.693″ H,  heat embossed in with Marcasite and then glued it to the back of the front of the card to cover the petals and create the center of the Sunflower.

Amber's B-Card

With the center in place I took the 3-D Scribble Paint and started filling the outer part of the center of the Sunflower with dots. 

Tip:  Start with the dark color first and then work your way up to the lighter color.  It takes less of the lighter colors to make an impact so don’t over saturate the light colors.

I added the mustard mat (5″x5″) to cover up the center on the inside of the card.  If I had planned a little better I could have probably eliminated a layer by incorporating the center with the mat, but at this point it was too late.

I’m going to stop here and we’ll finish up the tutorial with what I did to the inside of the card.  Thanks for looking and don’t forget you can click on the pictures to get a closer look.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment, I enjoy hearing from you.

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3-D Sunflower Card…1 of 3

Amber's B-Card

Now that Amber’s birthday is over, I’ll show the information and tutorial on her card.  This will be broken up into a couple of postings since it gets pretty lengthy.

So, let’s begin…..

Cricut E & Cartridges: Beyond Birthdays (BYB), Plantin (PL), George (G)

CuddleBug – Happy Birthday Folder

Card stock:  Stampin Up Royal Regals (Olive Green and Mustard Yellow, Brown)

Gold Metallic Thread:  Ribbon – Michael’s $1 bin:  Pins – JoAnn’s Decorative Pins

Stampendous Embossing Powder – Jeweled Gold Transparent & Marcasite Opaque

Scribbles 3-D Paint – Shiny Hot Chocolate, Iridescent Cooper, Shiny Lemon Yellow, Shiny Black, Iridescent White Mist, Iridescent Gold.

MPCT Technique: Odorless Mineral Spirits; Prisma Pencils – #1 Group of leaves – Dark Umber PC947, Spanish Orange PC1008, Pale Vermilion PC921, White PC938; #2 Group of leaves – Tuscan Red PC937, Orange PC918, Canary Yellow PC916, Creme PC914.

Colorbox Chalk Ink – Creamy Brown – Note:  All parts of the card edges have been inked.

Tip:  At this point, let me say you don’t have to use the exact same things I used, for example if you don’t have the Prisma Pencil and you have Chalks use them.  The difference will be a softer color on the petals.  If you don’t have 3-D Scribble paints, you can use acrylic paint to make the dots in the center of the sunflower.  Take a pencil that has been sharpened or the end of a paint brush and dip it in the paint and then dot it on the center.  If you load the end of the pencil or paint brush in the paint and then on the center each time (ex. pencil, paint, dot on the center) the dots will all be the same size.  If you load the pencil/paint brush with paint then dot it on the center three times consecutively, each dot will be smaller than the last.

Card Mats  Cut 3 cards 1) mustard, 2) olive green using the Beyond Birthday cart @ 10″ x 5″.

Cut 2 mats in mustard that are 5″ x 5″.  Tip:  You can  cut 2 mustard cards with ovals and 2 olive green cards with ovals; however, you will have 5″x5″ mustard card with an oval cut left over and you will still need to cut a mustard mat 5″x5″ to cover the back of the card (more about this later). 




img_2121.jpgScore the Mustard cs at 5″ and fold, cut the Olive cs in half and take the side with the oval and cut it down as a mat for the front of the card and align it with the oval on the Mustard card. 

Tip: When I have this where I want it I use a repositional tape runner to hold the mat in place while I sew around it. 

The black you are seeing through the oval is a black foam board the card is sitting on.


Leaves Used as Petals

Using the shift key in PL cut 24 -25 leaves @ 1.237″ x 2.475. 






Tip:  I cut these using the mustard colored card stock.  The MCPT works best on a very heavy smooth paper; however, this particular card stock holds up well to the coloring and layering of colors.  Since the petals are varying shades of yellow, browns, oranges and reds this mustard base color helps with obtaining a vibrant color underneath.

You will need to cut the stems off of the leaves to make them into petals.

Ok, I’m going to stop here for this tutorial and I’ll add to it tomorrow.  I also reserve the right edit this after it posts in case I figure out I forgot something (you know how that goes).  There is some exciting information coming so stay tuned or as they say on  TV “to be continued”……

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Sunflower Card …..

This is a card that I made for a friend in the hospital.  This card could easily be adapted for various occasions.  It started out with a stamp I found on sale. The stamp itself is just 1/2 of the flower designed.  I stamped it twice to get a full sunflower.  This is extremely easy when you are using clear stamps.







Here is a list of items I used:

CS – Stampin Up – Pattern Paper K&C Company – Amy Butler
Sunflower & Leaves – Perfectly clear stamps (Stampendous) – HL
Coloring – MCPT
Embossing – Stamp-N-Stuff (Stampendous) Jeweled Gold Transparent, leaf – Ranger super fine detail clear
Dots around the center of the flower – Stickles (black, distressed red), acrylic paint – burnt umber, lemonade  3D Paint – chocolate, gold, lemonade, copper
Butterfly – Studio 18
Stitching – gold metallic thread
CB – with love border and spell binders impressibilities
Foam squares to lift the sunflower for some additional dimension.

To get a closer look just click on the picture.




Thanks for looking and be sure and leave me a comment.