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Pumpkin Pie Syrup

IMG_2988.JPGOk, just as I said no one carried the Pumpkin Pie Syrup in this area, I discovered they do.  As I was doing my Sunday ritual (sitting in my big comfy chair reading the sales papers), World Market’s advertisement showed they had Pumpkin Pie Syrup.

Now with this added to my coffee bar I should be able to make a faster Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I’ll replace the 1/4 tsp of Pumpkin pie spice with the syrup.  I do think I’ll add a pump of brown sugar cinnamon and see how that works with it.  When I get the recipe tweaked I’ll let put it back up.

Have to say even the testing of the tweaking of the recipe has tasted good so it’s a great recipe even if you don’t change it.  By the way if the puree is a little to gritty for you, heat it with the milk in the sauce pan to dissolve it more, or if you are making it in your mug just be sure and stir really well.

I’m thinking this is pretty good when you think of it, you are actually getting one of your daily vegetable requirement in your coffee drink.  One down and 4 to go, if I have a V8 at mid-morning I can have 4 of my vegetables by 10:30 AM.   Who would have thought you can meet your minimum daily requirement all through drinking and not even using a juicer.

Talk about a Litter….

IMG_2714.JPGJust in case you can’t tell what this is a picture of……it’s puppies! 

So, last Saturday, my #1 daughter and I make a trip to the 3rd Monday Trade Day in McKinney, Texas.  We had never been to this Trade Day and besides wanting to see how it compared to the mega trade day in Canton, Texas, we also wanted to get a feel of how many other vendors made the same type of items she makes.  Remember, she is the one who just announce Loop-De-Loo was up and running.

She ran into one of the women that works for her and she had bought her 5th dog.  Oh my, I’m not sure about 5 dogs in a house! 

As we were leaving we decided to take a pass through the area where they sold the dogs and ran upon this kennel of little puppies all bunch together taking a nice siesta!  As you can see there was so many of them and they filled up the entire camera lens.  The temperature had already hit the 90’s but they were all on top of each other staying warm.

Somethings in life just make you have to stop and take a picture.  To get a closer look just click on the picture.  Thanks for stopping by!

A Craft That Gives Back

Blue LillyThis is a blue lilly that is just beginning to bloom in my flower bed.  It was a difficult picture to take because the wind was blowing so hard.  So it is just a little fuzzy.

I didn’t have a picture to go along with this post, but thought I would share the talent of an awesome God.  The word says there is not a king that is arrayed with more splendor than the lillies of the field.  To recall the words of the song “Consider the Lillies”, He is not too busy to care about you.

My #1 Daughter’s work had an event where they made cards of encouragement for children that are seriously ill.  Their goal was to make 144 cards to be sent to a Children’s Hospital in NY.  I was invited and between her and my supplies we were able to deck out their conference room with paper, stickers, ink pads, bling, stamps, children’s joke and pages to color.

You know when you get right down to it, it really doesn’t take much to make a card.  The talent in the room flowed from the very simple to the elaborate.  I kept chuckling to myself as I heard the women agonize over how to make a beautiful card and was surprised when the men put three of every sticker available on a single card.

In the end, time was spent sharing a talent or gift that God gave to each of us for those who are going through a hard time.  I’m sure some prayers were being said over those cards as they were being made. Those cards will be the wings that the prays fly on to some children that need some laughs or encouragement.

Thank you Brandy for the opportunity to give back to others.  I left richly blessed.

This Little Piggy Went Back To Work….

I knew it was coming but I thought I had a few more weeks before I had to go to work every day.  I was hoping I could ease into it.  But things didn’t work out that way and it is out of the leisure life back into the working life.  I’m hoping it will only be 5-6 hours a day, not a full 8 hours a day.

Pink Day Lilly

This is a pink Day Lilly that has started blooming in my flower bed.  It looks to good to be real but it has that beautiful chartreuse throat and the petals are ruffled.  There are so many different kinds of Day Lillies and if I as I find new colors and types I hope to add to my collection.

This is a short post because I haven’t had a chance to work on anything.   However, I need to start thinking about the card I’m making for the July Swap on the Paperwishes MB.  It may take me an entire month to get it made.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to get a new card up this week sometime.

Momma’s Got a Brand New Do!!!

Mom's New Hair DoMy Mother got her hair cut the other day and was so excited she ask me to take a picture.

She wanted the picture for a number of reasons, one so she could send a copy to both her brother and sister, two so she could have a picture to show her hairdresser the next time she went to get her hair cut.

After I took her picture she asked me how long it would take to get the film developed.  I then explained that the camera didn’t use film it used a SD card and how you could upload things to the computer and then download them to Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS.

I told her I could even print the picture from the computer, but to do it that way was expensive because of the ink it requires.  She was so amazed how everything had changed from what she knew and she said it was difficult for her to keep up with it.

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I think of how far and fast we have come, there is something comforting in knowing that you can get by with the simpler way of life.  That means more time for each other and stopping to enjoy the beauty that our God has given to us to enjoy.

Hats off to you Mom and your new do!  I ordered several copies and they will be mailed directly to my house.  Wow!  You don’t even have to go anywhere to get them.


Flower Soft

Flower Soft Blue BonnetI have seen this product called “Flower Soft” over the last few months and of course it peaked my interest.

I’ve heard some conversations that said it was difficult to work with; however, I had a chance to sit down and do a make-in-go when I attended the American Scrapbook Convention and it was pretty easy.

The first thing we did, is stamp the bluebonnet on white card stock.  They then had us use a small stiff bristle brush and dip it into some glue (like Elemers or Tacky glue).  Next stipple the glue across the area where we wanted the flower soft to stick.  We took the flower soft and sprinkled it over the area, then pat the flower soft down on the glued area. Just tap the cs on the side of the container holding the flower soft and sit aside and let dry.  Very much the same way you would do glitter.

Love the dimension and texture it gives to the stamp image.  I also love the fact that you don’t have to use those thin long strands that come with the kit to get the look of flowers.  It comes in various colors so it is not a one jar of Flower Soft fits all.  It could get a little expensive to get all the various colors.  I could see where this would be very lovely used with Victorian style cards or layouts and I’ve seen some “Country” style stamps that this would work with nicely.

I didn’t purchase any, but it is probably something I’ll add to my arsenal eventually.

Paper Wishes – Prize Pkg #2

PW Prize #2Hmm, some would say, “You must live a blessed life!”  My answer to that is…..yes!

Recently, Paper Wishes (PW) asked participants of the Message Board (MB) to send in their tips to be used on an upcoming week of webisodes and tips.

One of my tips, out of the 10-30 I sent in, was chosen and I received this booklet of 24 sheets of 80# paper and 30 tags called Dots & Stripes.  I also received a package of the Dazzles Dragonfly Stickers along with a package of  Fresh Berry Great Big Brads.

This is my second time to when a prize from PW.  You know with them giving me free stuff, it can’t help but be one of my favorite places to visit.  They are a great source of supplies and a great place for inspiration.  Be sure and check out their “Free Classes”.  In this economic climate, we can all use something free!

Thank you again Paper Wishes! 

Arlington, TX Scrapbooking Convention

I’m posting a little late, but thought I would let everyone know I’m off to the Arlington, TX Great American Scrapbook Convention (with my bestest friend ever Phyllis).

It takes about an hour to get there from here and of course we have to make a Starbucks stop.  There is such sweet pleasure when you get to spend a day with your best friend and you both enjoy the same thing. Phyllis is starting her Nursing School next week so she needs some relaxation over the next few days before her schedule changes to head down and [email protected]%% up for studying.

Acrylic Stamp Storage

So here is a peek of the finish product of my Acrylic Storage System.  It is using CD Standard Jewel Cases.

I’ll walk through the tutorial later, and by the way those two cuties in the picture are Gareth (4) and Rylan (1).  They are so cute! 

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll try to get an update on the Scrapbook Convention tomorrow.

Oh how things have changed!

I needed a TV for my craft studio and have been watching the newspaper for pricing.  I also have been doing a little investigating at my local Walmart and I’ve discovered they basically don’t make the same kind of TV that went on the blink.  Bummer, that TV is what I use to do Dance Dance Revolution.  I think I still have that Playstation 2 somewhere.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and off  DH and I went to see what Target had to offer.  We found a nice 15″ flat screen.  Of course the size of my flat screen is nothing compared to his 60″ monster.  That’s ok, I like the petite size.  We were walking through Target to make a quick dash by the frozen food section to grab Archer Farms’ Apple Blossoms (another story for another time) when DH says “Isn’t this different, we are carrying a TV through the store about the size of a small suit case, using one hand”.

Progress who would have thought!